Rescue/Training day May 2017

  Like all events there were a few setbacks but it turned out to be a success and I believe all who attended learned something.

   The local Fire department volunteers from Hat Creek and Cassel were there as well as Burney Medical and a crew from the Cal Fire Burney Station.

   The Cal Fire Chief who was to run the training was called to a fire in Fresno with his crew the day before, and the Cal Fire chopper was on training elsewhere.

  Cal Fire Captain (and HG/PG pilot) Dennis Boic stepped up at the last minute and ran the class and training.

  The CHP chopper was early and was landed, on the spot, in LZ2.  The CHP chopper one of 2 based in Redding that serve the 11 Northern California counties. They conduct search and rescue operations and have an EMT and medical life saving equipment on board. They have a state of the art hoist system which was demonstrated for us by one of the local volunteers.

  In a search and rescue operation, or an extraction from a difficult spot, the CHP chopper and crew could be invaluable.  We are very lucky to have this available to us.

   Please support our local Hat Creek volunteer fire department. Attend the great BBQ July 15th 2017 at the Hereford Ranch RV park. These are the folks that will drop everything and come to our aid if needed.


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