The Hat Creek Rim is a fault where the earth’s crust has been shifted vertically along fissures, crevices, and fractures caused by powerful subterranean forces. Still “alive and cracking” today, the rim is over 900 feet above the Hat Creek Valley floor. However, one million years ago the rim and the valley were at the same elevation.

Those powerful subterranean forces are great news for Hang Glider and Paraglider Pilots as they translate into powerful aerial forces that are sun powered and gain their extra strength and duration with the help of the abundant lava rock laying on a lot of horizontal and vertical faces all along the rim.
The flying conditions at Hat Creek rim range from violent and extreme, to fantastic smooth and lifty. The majority of pilots fly the rim in the evening "Glass off" conditions during the summer months when the glass off arrives at 6:18pm according to local folklore. Flying XC out of here midday has and can be done but it is heavily advised that you have the experience and the local knowledge before attempting this. Flying and soaring during the winter months is also possible, not nearly so consistent but can be rewarding.

The Hat Creek Rim was first flown by hang gliders in 1975, since that time many volunteers from many different flying clubs have contributed to the look of the Hat Creek Rim flying site as it is today.

The Northern California Foot Launched Pilots Association and the  Shasta Sky Sailors , put in many hours of volunteer work at the site, for the good of all free flight pilots and were site stewards during some of the larger improvements.

Members of the Shasta Sky Sailors pioneered the site in 1975 and were involved at the site until July2014.

Of course Page Perrin being the only very local pilot for many years was the on site, site guide, windsock maker, and pilot interface at Hat Creek Rim.

A big thank you all pilots who have helped to make the rim what it is today.