The Launch

The launch has seen many improvements over the years. Although this launch has been made very user friendly over the years it still demands correct technique and control of ones wing. It is highly recommended that first time users and newer pilots try to hook up with pilots experienced with launching at Hat Creek Rim. PG's have been blown back, HG's have blown launches and pilots of both wing types have been caught to low over the back and failed to penetrate out.

HGs are particularly cautioned about launching in crosswinds especially south crosswinds. It is important to note the wind streamer beyond the launch run to the left. Do not attempt launching if this wind streamer is showing cross south. Patience will usually bring in a straight cycle.

Being confident of ones launch skills and having the appropriate help in higher winds is recommended. It is advised to have a H3/P3 rating to fly here. Hat Creek Rim can be a great site for H2/P2 pilots to build up hours but it is advised that H2/P2 pilots be accompanied by an experienced Hat Creek pilot.

 There is plenty of set up room for gliders and a Porta Pottie at launch, and not much shade anymore.